With early intervention, patients can experience faster healing and reduced risk of varicose veins recurring. Early diagnosis and treatment can help patients maintain their quality of life without impacting their daily routine and commitments to career and family.   



Treatment Options Include:

TreatmentHow it works
Stripping (early surgical procedure)One early surgical procedure to treat varicose veins is known as stripping, which involves general or half-body anaesthesia. The damaged veins are removed, and blood flow is directed through functioning veins. This treatment requires a two-week recovery period.
Endovenous Laser TherapyEndovenous laser therapy uses a laser to burn the vein under local anaesthesia, a treatment that allows patients to return to normalcy immediately after treatment.
Injection of Foamed SclerosantsThis injection of foamed sclerosants – liquid chemicals in bubble form – enters the inner thigh to harden the vein. This minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure is also performed under local anaesthesia.
Medical-grade SuperglueA specially-formulated cyanoacrylate is applied in precise quantities at various points in the problem vein. Following which, pressure is applied to the leg for three minutes at each point to seal it. It is a simple and painless treatment that takes only one hour.